Monday, January 12, 2009

DIY Bride

So... a bit more about us & our wedding (have to set the stage, right?)

Michael and I both live in Vancouver. We met at Bimini's on 4th Ave, funnily enough, the same place my parents met. It's got to be a sign, right? We bonded that first night over our love of independent music and it's been a integral part of our relationship ever since. I still can't believe I met someone with such a ridiculously incredible taste in music.

So. As it stands we have yet to check any items off our 'to do' list... actually we don't even have a 'to do' list... maybe we should do that. Last weekend my Mom and I went wedding dress shopping for the very first time, and then to the Wedding Fair... but that's about as far as we've gotten. We have a reservation at a potential venue Saturday night, so I will post about that after Saturday!

I'm very passionate about having both a budget & eco friendly wedding. We know where we want to splurge (food & drink) and where to save (so many great DIY options and deals out there!).

This blog hopes to reflect these sentiments & provide some great ideas.
Thanks for reading!

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