Monday, January 12, 2009

Gocco Printed Invites?

As a designer, I've always dreamed of beautifully letter pressed invitations. There's something so sexy about the the impressions of lead type on nice thick paper stock. Unfortunately letterpress 'aint cheap, so we're looking for an alternative.

Blim on Main Street has a Gocco Printing workshop that M and I are thinking of taking it to see if that would be a good, inexpensive & creative way to make our invites. Has anyone done this workshop or used Gocco Printing for their invites?


  1. I have a gocco and will use it, along with my ink jet printer, to print our invites :) The gocco is pretty easy too! You can see my save the dates here:

  2. Heather...
    item a) i love your blog & read it all the time... thanks for reading mine & commenting!!
    item b) your save the dates look absolutely amazing - you must be thrilled!! I hope the Gocco thing works out for us too!