Friday, January 16, 2009


When M & I first started talking about our wedding, we took the advice of so many before us and decided what was important to us - where did we want to save and where did we want to spend. We are both very passionate about food & wine, so this is where we have decided to focus our funds. There are so many fabulous ways to create a beautiful wedding on a budget, but it's hard to fake good food & drink.

So, on that note... I'm going to talk about wine... Pink wine.

M & I have over the past couple years become big fans of GOOD rosé wines. I'm not talking about crap pink wines... I'm talking about GOOD rosés. I think it takes a confident male to admit that he enjoys pink wine (which is yet another reason I love M).

We were out last night with friends having a couple glasses of wine at Mon Bella and got talking to Marty(?) of the always fabulous Village VQA Wines who was sitting next to us at the bar with a friend.

Marty(?) had recommended a great rosé to me a few weeks back so we got on a bit of a wine tangent. His friend was very adamant that he would never drink pink wine, no matter how great we claimed it to be.

I'm kind of rambling here (maybe it's the effects of all the wine last night!) but bottom line - if you don't think you'd like pink wine, try these two beauties: Joie Rose & Kettle Valley Pinot Gris. They'll run you about $24 and you can most likely get them at Liberty wines. I'm telling you - they're heavenly.

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  1. I really feel like some right now.
    In the sun.
    In a bathing suit.
    In a hot tub while visiting the interior of British Columbia.