Saturday, May 2, 2009

The four month panic.

So. Laying in bed this morning I had a mini panic attack.
We're getting married in four months. Four months.

We don't have an officiant, a photographer, a registry, invites (heck, I still have to learn to gocco print so that I can design & print the invites)... and I'm sure there are a million other little things we need as well.

I'm stressing a little bit about finding a photographer that we a) love and b) can afford.

In my dream world Max Wanger would come shoot our wedding at a reasonable rate.
My backup dream world, a photographer with a similar, fabulous style would come shoot our wedding at a reasonable rate.

Our wedding is September 12th in Whister, BC. If you know someone (or are someone!) that could fulfill my dream, please get in touch with us!
Thank you :)

[photo credit: the fabulous Max Wanger]

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  1. Only four months! That's so exciting! Good luck moving through the rest of your 'To Do's'!