Sunday, February 28, 2010

// Bag Lust

Until recently, I'd been lugging around a large yellow tote that was starting to look a little worn and sad. I looked at a lot of bags on my quest for the perfect purse. It needed to be durable, made of leather and big enough to fit my wallet, a sweater, a book and random cosmetics. Here are some of my favorites... three bags and one wallet I couldn't resist including!

1. Banana Republic, Scala Hobo purse $198; 2. Hobo International, Robin wallet, $78; 3. Kate Spade, Darien Stevie, $365; 4. BCBG, Convertible Satchel, $378.


  1. That blue one is divine! My coworker went to Vegas and went to the Kate Spade outlet and got a wallet in that shade of blue. Swoon. She also got a purse in a gorgeous canary yellow.

  2. Ah... I those both sound like fabulous purchases!