Tuesday, February 23, 2010

// Rambling

I may have not mentioned until now that M & I have been on our "extended working honeymoon" for about two months now... which would explain my lack of posts! It's been an incredible few months through Morocco, Spain, France, Italy... and now Croatia, where we're settling for about a month before moving onto Bulgaria, Turkey & Greece.

The hardest part of traveling for me has been missing the little things at home, that I now consider luxuries... a big cup of tea in bed (the Europeans are not big on to-go cups, or big cups at all for that matter), a kitchen to cook in, random drawers of scrap fabric...

We sold our apartment & most of our belonging before leaving Canada, so a clean slate awaits us when we get back... this of course leads to a lot of retail daydreaming. For some reason I've been oddly obsessed with Tolix chairs & lemon trees...

[image via here and here]

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