Saturday, March 27, 2010

// Bean to Bar: Mast Brothers chocolate

Two things I love: Men with big beards, and chocolate. This post has both.

Beards & chocolate aside, I was blown away by the Selby's Mast Brothers Chocolate feature -- and even more impressed when I visited the Mast Brothers' site and learned more them and their work.

Bean to Bar chocolate makers are hard to come by. The Mast Brothers chocolate is made from beans sourced from family farms & co-ops around the world. The beans are sorted, roasted, processed, poured, wrapped & packaged in house by the brothers at their Brooklyn factory/shop.

Check out the Selby's feature on these guys to see more fabulous photos, and visit the Mast Brothers' site for more info.


  1. I was going to post about this awhile back. I love their packaging and their chocolate is yummy, but after seeing The Selby photos...I have one suggestion. Beard nets!

  2. I read about the brothers a while ago. I love the packaging of their chocolates! But, haven't read the chocolate yet.