Thursday, March 11, 2010

// Dreaming of a farm in Morocco

[all photos by Habit/PaperPistol]

When M & I were in Morocco back in January, we discovered a fabulous organic vegetarian restaurant called Earth Cafe. It was hands down the best vegetarian food we'd ever eaten. We were fortunate to get to know Ben, the owner, and were invited to spend the day at his farm just outside of Marrakesh. It was truly one of those days that we'll never forget. Ben's property is enclosed by a tall handmade wall of straw and mud. Inside the enclosure live hundreds of rabbits, dozens of chickens, several horses, donkeys and dogs. Organic vegetables, olives and lemons grow abundantly. We drank fresh mint tea and ate bread made right before our eyes and cooked in a straw/mud oven. It was incredible.

Last night M & I tried to re-create our favorite dish from the Earth Cafe -- the veggie patty. (shown above) Nothing will ever compare to Ben's veggie patty, but I dare say we came pretty close!

Here our [very rough] adaption of the recipe - it serves two.
You can see the original recipe for "veggie burgers" on the Earth Cafe website.

2 x potatos
2 x carrots
1 x zuccinni chopped
1 x onion diced
1 can kidney beans - rinsed
1 can chic peas - rinsed
juice of one lemon
curry powder
garlic - minsed
salt & pepper
olive oil

boil the potato & carrots. drain & set aside.

in a bowl, combine the rinsed chicpeas, juice the lemon, some diced garlic, a glug of olive oil, 1/4cup of water and a few dashes of curry powder & paprika (to taste). mash it up - either by hand, or in a food processor. it's ok if it's chunky.

in a pan, grill the garlic, onion & zucchini until soft.

combine all above ingredients (including the rinsed kidney beans) & mash it all together!

heat a frying pan with a little olive oil & pan fry "patties" until they're a little crisp.


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