Wednesday, March 3, 2010

// Travel Must Haves...

Good morning lovelies. I was listening to CBC radio 3 last night (thank god for streaming radio) and they were talking about how to survive a month on the road. As we're on month 2 of possibly 12 there are a few things that I have found to be invaluable.

1. A big comfy travel sweater. Something that can act as a sleeping bag on overnight train/bus rides, can be worn to bed... and then out to dinner the next night. Versatility is key! [image] 2. Power Adapter. Nothing worse than getting to a new country and having no access to power. [image] 3. Pouches/organizers. If you're living out of a bag, you want to be organized. Jewelry, power cords, socks, whatever... they all need their place. [image] 4. A travel friendly bag. Something fabulous you can fit everything into... [image... I loooove this bag] 5. Your favorite Tea/Coffee. To me, a good cup of tea is my happy place. So, when good tea isn't available, it's nice to have some backups. [image] 6. Suction cup toothbrush!! I'll never go back to regular toothbrushes. Somehow these seem much more hygienic (not touching dodgy counters and such) and way cooler (ha) than regular toothbrushes. 7. A good comfy scarf. Keeps you warm in cool climates, shields your eyes/face from light on overnight trains/busses/planes, covers your shoulders/head in appropriate countries... [image] 8. Slippers. No matter where I am, when I slip my feet into my slippers, I feel home again... [image] Oh! And not shown... Skype! It's been invaluable for work & keeping in touch with loved ones :)

Happy travels :)


  1. Where's that bag from??? I love it. I was watching Tim Gunn's Guide to Style (love that man) and he was talking to a woman who had really sad handbags. I think I could use a new handbag (or two!).

  2. Isn't the bag fabulous? It's from Foley + Corinna (the link is in the post). If I had an extra $500 kickin' around, I'd be all over it...
    I definitely think you deserve a new bag... and I would like updates about it!

  3. errr...$500? *gulp* more than I can afford. It's like good shoes/boots, they're always more than I can really spend!