Wednesday, March 10, 2010

// What type are you?

I have a developed a new blog crush on The Good Life -- such a lovely mix of divine interiors & inspiring design. As a fellow typography nut, she posted a link to Pentagram's What Type are You? project. In four simple questions, the folks at Pentagram will tell you what type you are!

My assigned type was Expanded Antique, characterized by its "...bold shapes that can announce a play or match from across the street, but with extremely delicate spaces, only noticeable once you cross the street."

"Professionally [I] have to make a big impression, but personally enjoy the finer points of expression."

What Type are You??


  1. You're a rarity, it says that 1.6% are Expanded Antique! I'm Van Doesburg.

  2. haha. i wonder if being in the rarest type category is a good thing, or a bad thing??

    so... do suffer the orange cream first so you can save the hazelnut for last??