Monday, September 20, 2010

// the Dears Residency Poser Series

I'm excited to announce that my posters have been selected to support the Dears residency tour, beginning at the end of the month. The shows will take place in Montreal, Toronto and New York, with all poster proceeds benefiting War Child and the Montreal City Mission. It's an honour with work with such a great band, for very worthy causes.

Huge thanks to everyone for their support!


  1. Congrats! That's so awesome!! I voted for you! yours were the best and I probably would have voted for your posters even if I didn't know you.

  2. I thought I would respond to your comment on my blog here, I don't know if you get notified when I respond under your comment...if that makes sense...haha!

    Yes drinks soon!! I was missing the GDMA ladies when "back-to-school" season rolled around. I need to hear about your travels! I have some funny stories I'm sure you'll appreciate as well. Lets set a date!

  3. hey Sarah, zoot aloors here from the CBC Radio 3 Blog! I've picked up your poster from the second Garrison show!!! It was packed to the rafters, and your design was a super-hot item at the merch table!

    Will you, by any chance, have the other posters from the series for sale? Please let the Blog know when, or if,this happens.