Sunday, February 12, 2012

// Leap... and the net will appear

I have been rather quiet on the internets lately. It's been a wonderfully wild few months... but hasn't allowed a lot of time for blogging (or breathing, really).
After quitting my [good, stable, secure] job back in October in search of happiness (yes, I just said that), everything got a bit nuts. A month of 13 hour days (thanks to the most wonderful contracts: holiday windows! art installations! illustrations!), along with some pretty cool accolades, I then landed an amazing one year mat-leave contract over in Victoria, art directing a lifestyle magazine. So, over the holidays, I packed up, rented a U-Haul... and here I am in beautiful Victoria, BC!
Once things settle down a bit, I hope to be back online a bit more. Until then, check out Boulevard Magazine. My first issue as AD will be out in March!

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