Tuesday, January 27, 2009

sh*tty day, pr*tty design

I would like to start today over.

Wake up early to a steaming hot cup of tea in bed & a kiss from my sweetie. Get up in time to pick up the groceries for tonight's dinner party before needing to starting work (and maybe even get to yoga). Spend the morning being super productive dealing with my overflowing work inbox & attending to the many increasingly urgent freelance issues. Take a nice break mid-day to browse wedding blogs & do a bit of blogging. Finish up the day having been super productive, pour myself a glass of wine and prepare the finishing touches for dinner before guests arrive.

Wouldn't that have been nice. F.

Anyways. The highlight of my day has been finding the fabulous Lovely Morning blog. Oh what joy you have brought me today.

I was first impressed with her beautiful, elegant gocco New Years cards (left). What a smart girl - send NY cards instead of Christmas cards!

I then stumbled onto her ridiculously stunning wedding invites/envelopes (centre/right - click link to view more), featuring calligraphy by the ever talented Love, Jenna.


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