Friday, May 8, 2009

Le List

I hadn't planned on posting our "to do" list... mainly because I think it will stress me out - but let's see what happens. Maybe it will inspire me to check some things off?!

My lovely soon to be sister-in-law is getting married 3 weeks before us, so we're both starting to realize all the things we have yet to do... Hope this helps, H.

So... here we go:

> Find an officiant
> Find a ceremony location
> Find a photographer
> Book a block of hotels for guests
> Register
> Build our wedding website
> Design, print & send our invites
> Honeymoon? (We're planning for Italy in the Spring)
> BM Dresses & Accessories
> Marriage License
> Chairs for outdoor ceremony (location TBA... I guess I have to be more specific than "rustic field")
> Transportation
> Timeline for the day/night
> Rehearsal dinner/lunch location & invites
> Make up? Hair??
> Finalize menu
> Get M's ring
> Seating chart
> Pick an MC

Hm. And those are only the big things... I won't stress you out with the little things :)


  1. Yes I made my first list the other day. A little overwhelming, but good to keep track.