Friday, March 19, 2010

// Swooning over lace nails

My new blogging bff Colene, posted a link to this site a few weeks ago... and I've been dreaming of these DIY lace nails ever since. I don't think I've ever used the word "fierce" as fashion adjective before... but I'm going to do it. These nails are fierce.


  1. ha, so true. if there's ever a time to use "fierce," this is it.

  2. ps. thanks for the lovely morning recipe...i cannot wait to try it. i drooled looking at those pictures. who knew beets could get me so excited?

  3. there's something about beets, lime & avocado that is just so good... hope you like it :)
    can't wait to try your recipe too -- have got it bookmarked!

  4. First: I love the nails. I was thinking about fabric on nails just the other day. I was in a meeting and wearing a silk patterned top and I was thinking...Could you put on top coat, fabric, top coat?

    Second: I love beets. I order beet salad whenever I get the chance. My husband hates them, so I rarely make them.

    They are so great roasted with ricotta salata or feta on watercress with whatever balsamic vinaigrette you have.

  5. @law of attraction: i love that a silk patterned top inspired you to think of fabric nails -- in a meeting thinking!! fabric nails would be rad. please post pics if you try it?

    beets with roasted ricotta sounds like absolute heaven...

    that's it. we're having beets with dinner tonight!

    did you see Giovanna's beet recipe?

    and lovely morning's:


  6. I love texture so the idea of having texture on unexpected places like your nail is just brilliant!

    I've never made anything with beets before and I often forget that I like them! I think it's because I never had them growing parents weren't fans.

    Ps. thanks for the mention BFF ;)

  7. i am usually not into nail kitsch...but this could be really cool with the right outfit.