Thursday, April 8, 2010

// More colour!

I'm a little bit in love with this colourful dress... it's so basic and easy to wear.

My first instinct as to pair it with brown shoes & bag... but how about yellow flats & clutch?

I'm also loving the warm red booties & the Foley +Corinna bag (that I would kill for). I think this look is a little less dainty and a little more "me".

Which would you rock?


  1. how do you find all these great purses?! actually, it's probably for the best that I never see them...

  2. I always love the outfits you come up with! The dress is fab! And both accessory options are great but I'm with you...the red is more me. The booties are killer!

    Hope it warms up for u soon :)

  3. love those shoes, and you know what, after the dreary winter, all you should want to wear is color!color!color! love your blog, you've got a new fan!



  4. Oh my, I love those colours! Yellow clutch is divine & bag is totally beautiful + functional. Want both now!

    (I've never been able to rock the gladiator sandals though...never feel like they look good on me)

  5. i love that your husband suggested the yellow clutch--it is perfection! i think i'd do yellow clutch and the red shoes--which are INCREDIBLE. love!

  6. That dress is pretty wonderful - you're totally right that you can wear it in a zillion different ways and with all sorts of fun accessories!

  7. I like the yellow accessories, but the red really adds that pop of color.

  8. Oh I love that dress!! Great find. I usually don't like yellow but I've got to admit, those shoes are so cute!