Monday, April 12, 2010

// Music Monday: Okkervil River

Happy Monday, lovelies.

How was your weekend?

Ours was more festive than usual... We woke up Saturday morning to a cover of Achy Breaky Heart outside our window in the town square... turns out it was the wine & olive oil festival here in Vodnjan! We spent the day sipping wine & tasting olive oils in the sunshine, while listening to Croatians do covers of English songs... it was fabulous!

Sunday, while halfheartedly working, Okkervil River came on. Okkervil is one of the few bands M & I don't see eye to eye on, so having not listened to them in ages, I'd forgotten how much I love them. There's something so "angsty" about them that I dig :)

I hope you guys like them! Check them out here.


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  1. i love that band! saw them live a year ago or so.... great band! great way to start the week...



  2. Wait, what? M doesn't like Okkervil River? And here I was thinking that he had excellent musical taste ;)

    Make him listen to Lost Coastlines and admit that they're not good! Those lyrics are so fab.

  3. @colene... I know!! We're usually pretty simpatico on the music front, but he just does not like Okkervil River... while I LOVE them. Ah well -- next time they come to town, I know who I can go with now!! xo

  4. my weekend hs been wild and exhausting.
    party, househunting, moving planning....
    and enjoying the first really sunny soring days.
    whoop whoop.
    oh and london is such a good place for music.

  5. ha that is a rad way to wake up!

    the only thing i usually wake up to it the sound of bottles (bottle pickers) or the girls music who lives below us.